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A Spoonful Of Sugar...

You Can't Deny You Want A Happy Ending.

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Hank BJ
Salt of the Earth
Author: ofvanity
Pairing: Hank/Sean
Words: 700~
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Corny *science* jokes.
Disclaimer: I am not a crook, XMFC doesn't belong to me.
Notes: Vanity wrote this for me when I was having a shitty day and couldn't sleep. So the logical step when I can't sleep is to record this fic. 

Time: 3:42 

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7fh5sy3bprcgqyh

Light Up (podfic)
Hank BJ
Light Up
Pairing: Hank/Sean
Words: 3700~
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Daddy!kink, priest!play, pain!play, rimming, barebacking, fingering.
Disclaimer:I own none of this. Not mine in anyway shape or form

I'm not sure what else I'm suppose to say here. I recorded ofvanity
's Light Up. Out of boredom and lack of motivation to study for AP Psych. It's not the best quality, but what ever. 

So here you go! 

Sweet Disposition...
The days seem to be getting longer and longer. I think I hate legit everyone backstage, they are rude and annoying and believe they are better then everyone else. The one person I used to hate the most seems to be the most level-headed. I think being put in her cast is the best thing that could have happened to me. She pushes me to be a better actress. Did I just say that? Jeez. I also got a script to memorize by Friday, but i'm not upset because it is a test of my abilities if i can't learn the one scene in two days then I don't I'm cut out to be an actress.

I'm exhausted. 

Bottle up old love, and trow it out to sea.
I'm kinda bad at this game. :)
I always forget to write in here, and the last time i wrote was January. So what has happened in the past month, you ask? Yes i know, "NO ONE ASKED!" But i'm going to pretend you did anyways. :) Well I got cast in Fresh faces, which opens this motherfucking weekend! WOOOO! Sorry got a little excited there. Oh and I got Itzyana's number. I don't even care if she has a boyfriend. She is Effing gorgeous. :) Oh and today I ran the entire period for gym. I'm so proud of myself. My first non-lazy moment!
Oh and the lovely <ljuser='coulettes'> decided to fill my prompt which made my day. 

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This weekend was fucking fantastic. Even with Corina fucking blowing a gasket i don't even care. I'm so tired though. So very tired.

 idk how to put the new moods in i'll figure it out eventually.

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Oh, hi there...If you have stumbled across this somehow, just mosey on out of here. Lead a very boring life and will most likely forgot to update this so...yeah. :)